What are the precautions for the operation of cored wire


Cored wireIt is a product that improves the quality of steelmaking, and its variety continues to increase with development. We must pay attention to details when choosing products to avoid buying low-quality core wires. Persevere, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to what are the precautions for the operation of cored wire? Look down together.

Handling precautions for cored wire:

1. Reasonably adjust the feeding speed. The feeding rate has a great influence on the absorption rate of calcium, too fast or too slow will cause the absorption rate to decrease. When the core wire is fed to a certain depth, it begins to melt. The depth should ensure that the molten and dispersed calcium bubbles are subjected to the greater static pressure of the molten steel, so that they can be completely consumed as much as possible before. They float on the surface of molten steel. Appropriate feeding speed can increase the recovery rate of calcium. If the speed is too fast, on the one hand, a large amount of calcium vapor is generated locally, which will cause the molten steel to be stirred vigorously, and a large amount of calcium vapor will volatilize directly into the air. On the other hand, calcium vapor will float in a large amount, too late to dissolve, thereby reducing its yield. On the contrary, if the speed is too slow, the feed depth is insufficient, and it will rise to the surface of the molten steel before it is completely dissolved in the molten steel, causing waste.

2. Correctly select the wire feeding position. Feeding posture also has a great influence on the recovery rate of calcium. The feeding point of the solid pure calcium wire should be selected at the center of the downward flow of molten steel, and as far away as possible from the argon blowing ring, so that Ca enters the gaseous or liquid state. It drops under the action of downward flow, thereby prolonging its The residence time in the molten steel makes it completely absorbed by the molten steel.

The above are the precautions for core-spun wire operation. Thank you for your attention and support. Our factory welcomes friends in need to come for consultation and inspection, see you in the next issue!

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