What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing a good inoculant


InoculantDivided into several types: ferrosilicon, barium silicon, free flow, calcium siliconInoculants, etc., Let’s give you a detailed introduction to what issues should be paid attention to when purchasing a good inoculant? Look down together.

1. Ferrite silicon can not only be used in the steelmaking industry, but also metallurgical materials in the cast iron industry. This is mainly because silicon fungus can be produced by cast iron manufacturers instead of pregnancy reagents and casting agents, as well as silicon ferrite in the cast iron industry. The price is much lower than steel, and it is easier to melt. This is a ferroalloy product with high-quality casting capabilities.75fesi is widely used, and 45fesi is very small.

Feature of ferrosilicon inoculant: It is economical and cheap, it is necessary to reduce the whiteness, improve the uniformity of the cross section, promote graphite, increase the number of eutectic groups, reduce isolation, improve strength, and increase toughness.The amount of use should be determined according to the actual situation, and the relationship between the original iron and the molten iron solution is very large, and should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Generally, the amount of gray cast iron is 0.2 to 0.5%; for ink cast iron, it is usually 0.5 to 1.1%; for cast iron horizontal continuous casting balls, it is generally 0.8 to 1.5%.

2,The particle size range is: 0.2-1.0mm, 1-3mm, 3-8mm, 8-15mm

(1) Reinforce the graphite core, cast in gray, and promote gray castings to obtain graphite.

(2) It can make graphic balls in spherical balls, uniformly, and improve the level of ball powder.

(3) Significantly reduce the tendency of white nozzles and improve the cutting performance of castings.

3. The graphitization ability of calcium silicate inoculant is 1.5~2 times compared with 75fesi inoculant, which significantly increases the number of eutectic clusters.

useSilicon calcium inoculantTo understand why CA is added, CA is an alkaline earth element, which is very lively. Therefore, it can react with gas atoms or non-metal elements in the iron solution, such as O, S, N, C, and H. Generally speaking, these elements themselves inhibit the graphite nucleus or change the growth form of graphite. Therefore, one of the main functions of CA is actually equivalent to a cleaning element. In addition, the compound formed by the E-like element is not only these harmful elements, but also forms the crystalline nucleus of graphite, improving the graphite form. It should be emphasized that the silica calcium pregnancy contains 2.4% Al, which acts as the Al of Al and the role of the former silicon black. Therefore, silicon is very effective and stable. However, the disadvantage is that the economic recession is rapid, the slag is large, specifically light, and the pollution is large. In order to improve these problems, low-Ca inoculants have occurred, which contain a Ca content of usually less than 16%. The above is all the content to be shared in this issue, see you in the next issue~

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