The effect of calcium silicate cored wire on the impact resistance of steel


Calcium silicate cored wire is a refractory metallurgical material mainly composed of calcium silicate. In the steel industry, it is a good deoxidizer and desulfurizer, mainly to improve the impact resistance and processing performance of steel , To make the hardness of steel better, is a widely used material in metallurgy.

In the manufacture of ferroalloys, low-alloy element ore is usually enriched by hydrometallurgy to provide semi-finished products with higher purity to reduce smelting. The manufacture of qualified solutions for electrolytic manufacturing also belongs to the hydrometallurgical category. The process of wet processing generally includes: raw material processing, leaching, liquid-solid separation and purification, metal extraction and other processes. The ferroalloys processed by hydrometallurgy mainly include ferro-vanadium, ferro-niobium, metallic chromium, metallic manganese and so on.

External products made of ferroalloys are usually divided into massive particles (GG gt; 10mm), particles (2 to 10mm), core wires made of silicon-calcium alloy core, powder (0 to 2mm) and Quantitative packaging and transportation. In order to meet the requirements of spray metallurgy and refining outside the steelmaking furnace, bulk materials are further processed, and core wires made of silicon-calcium alloy are provided in the northeast to provide powder products. With the increase in the proportion of steelmaking and continuous casting and other requirements, the technology of ferroalloy cored wire will be developed by leaps and bounds. In order to save fuel, most factories today use cold sticky pellets and cold briquettes (including cold pressed balls).

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