What to pay attention to when choosing spheroidizing agent


Spheroidizing agent should pay attention to particle size and density to avoid good application effects when purchasing spheroidizing agent. In order to answer your questions and help you quickly and accurately choose a suitable and practical tuberculosis, our company will summarize our understanding of tuberculosis over the years and tell you what to look for when choosing a tuberculosis problem.

The particle size of the spheroidizing agent is an important factor affecting the reaction speed. The particle size of the granulator mainly depends on the processing capacity of the molten iron in a single treatment, as well as the shape of the molten iron in a single treatment, and the concentration of the spheroidizing agent in the molten iron. low. The suspension rate is fast, and the density of the spheroidizing agent directly affects the output of the spheroidizing element. The surface area of ​​the spheroidizing agent used to suspend the molten iron increases the gasification and oxidative combustion loss of magnesium, especially when the temperature of the molten iron is high and the density of the spheroidizing agent is low, the details are as follows.

Generally, if the particle size of the spheroidizing agent is too large, premature explosion can be prevented and the particle size is too small. If the temperature of the molten iron is insufficient, it is easy to tie up the bottom of the dead bag. These two conditions will affect the performance and stability of the spheroidizing agent, and the size is too small, especially the powder kneaded material cannot be used for manufacturing. In addition, the rare earth content in the spheroidizing agent should not be too high, and the carbon equivalent should be strictly controlled. This is the basic method to solve the problem of graphite flotation. The cooling of the casting should be accelerated, and the carbon content in the casting should be reduced. The thickness of the cooler should be adjusted . In some cases, you can add non-graphitizing elements (such as molybdenum) to check the ratio of the sulfur content to the nodule content in the pig iron solution.

The use of spheroidizing agent is different from the metallographic composition of the same composition. The spheroidizing stage is the basis of quality control. As a master alloy, its chemical composition is related to the melting process and cooling rate of the alloy block used, and it has different metallographic structures and different properties. The Si in the mg phase of the spherical gold (mainly anti-reactivity) has different morphologies, usually in the form of agglomerates. Their shape, size, quantity and distribution directly affect the precipitation behavior of magnesium in iron solution, but have no effect on sample preparation and metallographic identification. The above is all the content to be shared today, see you in the next issue~

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