What are the uses of silico-manganese alloy balls


Silicomanganese alloyThe ball is a new type of deoxidizing material, which is mainly composed of spherical blocks compressed by silicomanganese powder particles, which is convenient for people to use and more convenient to operate. The silico-manganese alloy ball has been widely used in life. It can meet people's needs, bring more advantages, lower prices, lower user costs and save resources. So what are the main characteristics of silico-manganese alloy balls during use or processing?

1,The silico-manganese alloy ball is being pressedThe quality and chemical composition specifications when forming a spherical block are within a certain standard range. Therefore, the effect of uniform particle size is obtained, thereby better reducing natural silicomanganese in steel production. Loss of fragments, waste of other resources, etc.

2,Silicon manganese alloy ballHas a faster melting speed and uniform distribution. Therefore, it effectively reduces power consumption, has a good deoxidation effect, shortens the deoxidation interval, improves steelmaking efficiency, and has a high recovery rate. It can be reused to reduce the intensity of physical labor.

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