China's silicon calcium price and silicon calcium alloy technology development


Do you know the price of silicon calcium and the development of silicon calcium alloy technology? Now Xiaobian will explain to you, I hope everyone can understand, and have a comparative purchase!

In the past two decades, with the development of continuous casting of steel liquid, calcium treatment and core wire technology, the application range and quantity of silicon calcium alloy in the steel industry has been increasing.

The industrial production of silicon-calcium alloys in China began in the 1950s and has been around for 50 years. The original Jilin Ferroalloy Plant carried out industrial production of silicon-calcium alloy between 1955 and 1960. In 1960, the former Shanghai Ferroalloy Plant used a 1800KVA (later converted to 2700KVA) electric furnace and a mixed feeding process to test the silicon-calcium alloy, which was put into operation in 1961. The original Chongqing Ferroalloy Factory is also an enterprise for the early smelting of silicon-calcium alloys in China. The former Beijing Ferroalloy Plant (Shougang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.) produced silicon-calcium alloy in early 1964. In October of the same year, the innovative “layered feeding method” smelted silicon-calcium alloy new technology to make products. Technical indicators such as smelting power consumption have reached domestic advanced level and are close to the world's advanced level, and the smelting cycle lasts for more than one year. For this reason, he won the second prize for scientific and technological progress. Since then, the former Ministry of Metallurgy has promoted its application nationwide. So far, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Fujian, Sichuan, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other places use the “layered feeding method” to produce silicon-calcium alloy enterprises, as many as 50 or more, using 1MVA and 1.5MVA small electric furnaces. More than 100 sets, (only there are more than 30 enterprise manufacturers in Fugu County, Shanxi Province, and 63 small electric furnaces with 1MVA-1.5MVA). The production of silicon-calcium alloy produced by the “layered feeding method” accounts for more than 50% of the annual output of the national silicon-calcium alloy. The current problem is the "layered feeding method" process, which is limited to small electric furnaces with a capacity of 1.5 MVA and below. Due to the small capacity of the electric furnace, the difficulty in environmental protection, and the unreasonable use of energy, the small electric furnaces have been shut down for a limited time. As a result, there has been a shortage of silicon-calcium alloys in the market. On August 1, 2009, Shaanxi Yangxian Shenghua Metallurgical Co., Ltd. built and commissioned a 30MVA large-scale silicon-calcium electric furnace, and its power consumption and related technical indicators reached the domestic advanced level. For China, the use of large electric furnaces to smelt silicon-calcium alloys has opened up a new path.

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