Silicon Manganese Alloy Overview


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Silicon-manganese alloy is an alloy composed of manganese, silicon, iron and a small amount of carbon and other elements. It is a ferroalloy with a wide application and a large output. Manganese-silicon alloy is a composite deoxidizer commonly used in steelmaking, and is a reducing agent for producing medium-low-carbon ferromanganese and electro-silicon thermal method for producing manganese metal.

Manganese and silicon are the main alloying elements used in carbon steel. Manganese is one of the main deoxidizers in steelmaking, and almost all steels require manganese to deoxidize. Because the oxygen product formed by deoxidation with manganese is low in melting point, it is easy to float; manganese can also increase the deoxidizing effect of strong deoxidizers such as silicon and aluminum. All industrial steels need to add a small amount of manganese as a desulfurizer, so that the steel can be hot-rolled, forged and other processes without breaking. Manganese is also an important alloying element in various steel grades, and more than 15% is added to the alloy steel. Manganese to increase the structural strength of steel. Silicon is an important alloying element in pig iron and carbon steel, second only to manganese. In steel production, silicon is mainly used as a deoxidizer for molten metals, or as an alloying additive to increase the strength and improve the properties of steel. Silicon is also an effective stone grinding medium that turns carbon in cast iron into free stone carbon. Silicon can be added to standard gray cast iron and ductile iron up to 4%. A large amount of manganese and silicon are added to the molten steel in the form of iron alloys: ferromanganese, silicomanganese and ferrosilicon.

The raw materials for the production of manganese-silicon alloy are manganese ore, manganese-rich slag, silica, coke, dolomite (or limestone), and fluorite. The production of manganese-silicon alloys may use a manganese ore or a mixed ore of several manganese ore (including manganese-rich slag). Since the manganese-silicon alloy requires a lower iron and phosphorus content than the high-carbon ferromanganese, it is required that the manganese ore alloy smelting the manganese-silicon alloy has a higher ratio of manganese to iron and manganese to phosphorus. The higher the manganese content of the manganese ore used, the better the indicators.

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