Effect of composite creeping agent on the structure of compacted graphite cast iron


Everyone knows that the creeping agent and the creeping agent are very common. Let's talk about the influence of the composite creeping agent on the structure of the vermicular graphite cast iron. I hope to help everyone!

Vermicular graphite cast iron has the high strength and wear resistance of ductile iron, and has good casting processability, thermal conductivity and vibration damping properties similar to gray cast iron. It has much higher fatigue strength and thermal fatigue resistance than gray cast iron. High strength is obtained at higher carbon equivalents, making the casting thinner and lighter. Therefore, vermicular graphite cast iron is widely used in the manufacture of parts such as automobile engines, such as automobile engine blocks and cylinder heads. In the production of compacted graphite iron, the graphitization and creep process of carbon is affected by many factors such as the type, characteristics, addition amount and smelting and casting process of the creeping agent, and the mechanism of graphite creep is very sensitive to the changes of these factors. The suitable amount of the agent to be added is narrow, and the control of the creep rate is extremely difficult. In order to obtain a vermicular cast iron of satisfactory quality, a suitable creeping agent is used.

The creeping agent for producing vermicular graphite cast iron is usually a rare earth ferrosilicon alloy. Rare earth ferrosilicon can act as a creeping agent to promote graphite creep and is less expensive than pure rare earth creeping agent; magnesium in rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy, because of its low boiling point, will cause molten iron to boil It can play a self-stirring role, but magnesium is a strong spheroidizing element, which will cause spheroidization of graphite, which is not conducive to improving the creep rate of graphite. In order to inhibit the spheroidization, this experiment designed a composite stimulator composed of rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloy and cerium-based heavy rare earth, and the effect of ruthenium-based heavy rare earth on the inhibition of graphite spheroidization. The influence of the microstructure of the cast iron and graphite morphology.

The above is the impact of composite osmotic agent on the structure of vermicular cast iron for Baotou Fangyuan Rare Earth Alloy Co., Ltd. To learn more about the viscerizing agent, please pay attention to our company! Sincerely at your service!

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