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Our company currently has two companies: a company Baotou Donghua Special Steel Co., Ltd., located in Shijiao Industrial Park, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, and the second company Baotou Fangyuan Rare Earth Alloy Co., Ltd., located in Haringer, Jiuyuan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. Xiangxi Shawan Industrial Development Zone.

The company's main production and operation products are: various grades of spheroidizing agent, osmotic agent, high-efficiency inoculant, ferrosilicon, rare earth alloy, lanthanum rare earth, and various grades of spheroidized core wire, nurturing core wire, creeping package Core wire, etc.! The company adopts Japan's advanced alloy smelting technology, based on independent intellectual property rights, focusing on scientific research and development and marketing, providing advanced product technology and information for the ferroalloy and metallurgical industries.

We believe that with strong technical strength and keen market awareness, we can become your reliable business partner. We will build the brand of Chinese foundry materials with advanced management concept, exquisite production industry and excellent product quality.

Our company is committed to providing you with quality service with an open attitude, perfect after-sales service and timely technical support!